Traverse City’s temperate climate allows cherry trees to thrive. We’ll learn how to prepare pork tenderloin with Michigan sweet cherries.

What exactly are cherries? Cherries are the small-stone fruits of trees of the Prunus genus that grow in temperate climates around the world. Today’s recipe calls for sweet cherries, which have a crunchy texture and deep flavor. Tart cherries have a sharp, bright flavor.

Advantages: Cherries are a wonderfully refreshing fruit that can be enjoyed out of hand and fresh off the tree. They are high in vitamin C and low in calories.

Selecting cherries: Choose sweet cherries that are firm, dark, almost purple-red and bruise-free. The stems should be intact and the cherries should smell rich and fruity. Take your time and select those that have a deep color and natural shine. Store them in a shallow bowl or pan loosely covered with plastic wrap in the refrigerator. Wash under cold running water just before use.

Preparing cherries: A cherry pitter is a great tool to get the pit out without losing all that wonderful juice and destroying the shape. Handle the cherries carefully. A pound of cherries will yield about one cup stemmed and pitted.

Serving suggestions: Cherry essence makes a great base for the pork tenderloin sauce.

Mix and match: Don’t forget fresh herbs to highlight the cherry flavor. My favorite with cherries is sage; chives are good, too.

Try your technique: Try my favorite Tenderloin of Pork with Cherry Essence on the grill to capture the flavor of summer.


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