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Oct 19

Easy Party Food

WE almost always cook too much when we entertain. And I’m quite certain that I’m not alone. It must be an Asian thing – the thought of running out of food when you have guests under your roof is something too horrible to contemplate and we probably cook twice as much as we need.

Jan 28

Cooking party ideas

Introduction Everybody experiences occasions that cry out for a crowd to help celebrate. Milestone birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, holidays, and family reunions become extra special with many friends and family members gathered around. This course is designed for those who want to prepare and share food at home while creating an occasion that is a little […]

Jan 26

Picnic Food Ideas

Taming the Outdoors Memorable picnics are simple if you use the right ingredients: a gorgeous setting, good food, and great company. However, before you even begin to plan the details of your next picnic, keep in mind a couple of elements that are unique to entertaining — and eating — outdoors: The weather: Believe it […]