What to have for dinner tonight?


Something wonderful to eat

Yes, indeed. It’s quite simple to prepare an entirely delicious meal that’s sophisticated enough to serve company, but that requires virtually no planning. After a quick stop at the market to pick up fresh ingredients, you can sit down to a lovely meal in less than 30 minutes, rejuvenated just by the appetizing sight of it.
Think of this meal as a three-part composition: fish, chicken, or beef that you either saute, poach, or broil; a vegetable that you grill or steam; and starch that you bake or boil.
Following are recipes and step-by-step plans for three simple, delicious meals. Each meal serves four. Once you try the basics, it’ll be a snap to dream up your delightful compositions.

Game Plan:
To avoid surprises, always be sure to read through the entire set of instructions before you begin. Equip your kitchen with a timer; make a note of the approximate cooking times for each part of the meal, and start cooking. You’ll find that this little bit of planning makes it possible to bring everything together correctly.

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