All-Purpose Asian Marinade

It’s the season for grilling- yup, most folks have brought out their grills, hibachis, smokers, Rotisseries stands and are giving it a once-over to have a go during this year’s grilling season. You know barbecue season is upon us when temperatures rise, television stations go nonstop for their sports coverage.

Okay, you must probably have a nice cut of meat in the freezer and stacked upon dozens of hotdogs and ground turkey. Cannot wait to have a go at the grill stand right?

Now, remember that aside from choosing a good cut of meat to throw over those hot coals, it is wise to have a flavorful marinade in which to soak those nice chunks. Marinating brings out the flavor and adds moistness to those cuts. This marinade I am sharing is fat-free, so flare-ups due to fat drippings are thus avoided.

A versatile recipe, this marinade goes well with whatever meat you fancy, whether it be chicken, fish, turkey, beef or pork. After soaking the cuts or pieces, one can use the meat for roasting, baking, broiling and best of all, thrown over those hot coals or wood chips.

During gift-giving season, one can prepare this marinade and pour it into sterilized jars, decorated and labeled in an excellent manner. I am sure this will be a gift that the recipient will appreciate. Just remember to keep the marinade in a refrigerator and have the recipient use it within a week.

Happy grilling.

No-Fat All-Purpose Marinade

Makes about ¾ cup enough to prepare around 1 ½ pounds meat, poultry or fish.

1/3 cup dry or medium-dry white wine

¼ cup soy sauce

1 T. honey

1 T. peeled and finely chopped ginger root

1 T. chopped scallions

One small garlic clove minced

Two tsp. Worcestershire sauce

1/8 tsp. Ground black pepper

2 drops hot pepper sauce

In a small bowl, mix the wine, soy sauce, and honey until everything is smooth and well mixed. Add the ginger, scallions, garlic, Worcestershire sauce, pepper and hot pepper sauce.

Use marinade immediately or keep in the refrigerator in a glass jar for up to a week.

Cook’s Notes:

As always, one can choose to add and delete ingredients depending on what is at hand and their preferences.

Sake or any Asian cooking wine can hold its own in this marinade. One can even use beer, but then the recipe will no longer be any fat one-will be highly caloric. Also if the beer is used, I would tend to add sugar.

I tend to pour half of the marinade mixture in the container before arranging the meat in it. Then I pour the leftover marinade to cover the meat. Store in a cool place or the refrigerator. Marinate meat /fish slices for at least two hours. Rabbits can be left to marinade longer like half a day. Turn the meat at least once so that marinade can saturate both sides.

For grilling or roasting, one can use the drained marinade for basting the meat. Discard leftover marinade that is not to be used for basting

Sharmin Begum

The author Sharmin Begum

I have loved spicy food, Mexican in particular, since I was a child as my father was from El Paso where I acquired a taste for it on our many visits. I have cooked Tex-Mex all my adult life, but about 7 years ago I began cooking authentic Mexican food using my own ingredients and making my own tortillas, tamales, etc. On one of my visits to NM I attended the Santa Fe Wine and Chile Fiesta and took some excellent cooking classes at the Santa Fe Cooking School and the Old Mexico Grill. I love New Mexican food equally as well as Mexican.

I also grow my own chile peppers, tomatillos, and herbs like cilantro and epazote because they are not available locally.

I got into web publishing because I enjoy “meeting” fellow Chile-heads from all over the world and sharing my passion with them.

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