About Me

food1 - About Me
A little view of my chamber.

Far far away, between some mountains, there is a country called Poland, where I was born. I spent part of my childhood in a little village without much to do, so I enjoyed watching how my grandmother cook some awesome dishes.

My Story

I think it was the beginning of my passion. Seeing my grandmother cooking and after that eating those tasty dishes was awesome. Few years later we had to move to Spain and after a few years I had to choose what I wanted to do in my life. I knew I wanted to cook, I knew I wanted to create new dishes, I knew I wanted to inspire people with tasty food.

I did some courses and worked in a few restaurants and meanwhile I started my Instagram and also this blog. And that is what I do now: cooking and sharing my live with you, my readers. My lifestyle, my ingredients… everything is posted here and in my Instagram (@cookingfeverorg if you don’t know it!).

So… I really hope you enjoy it!